Thursday, December 10, 2009


Life begins in a state of mind where all is possible. The subconscious mind travels faster than the speed of light and thoughts of the impossible are a regular cup of coffee in the morning. There is no corruption, everything is just peaceful.Space and Time is non-existent and as life progresses, memory is created. Thoughts enter the mind,they stick as reality.Reality starts to become our everyday lifes, and so in conclusion we have what we call society's views.

My whole life I'v always felt as if there was more out there than what was taught in school or was taught to us by our own parents. I always felt this energy as far as i can remember. It was up to the point in my life when i read this book called "The Secret", that i felt as if i wasn't alone on this journey. This feeling i was always feeling was the Universe sending me signals... The Universe lead me to this book-At the same time i manifested it in my hand so-to-speak.. I attracted this certain book to me and the Universe guided it to my hands. I strongly encourage all that read this blog, to read this wonderful book. It will change your life without a doubt.

I have all that I need and all that I have wished for as I write-for time is nothing but an illusion my friends. To have what you really want in life one must live as if one already has these things.

I read this book from time to time as i feel that i might be slipping away from it. I now have my girlfriend that has bought the book and i have gotten her to read it also and her life has just begun changing and I see she is doing well. We are half way through this book and i cant wait until she has finished it. I think it is wondereful to read this book with someone close to you, as i do with my love.

You can read her blog and see how she has mentioned this book. Her name is Alexa and this is her blog link- . This book must be read by everyone so that we can live our lives to our full potential.